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Because of East Africa’s diverse geography, temperature, rainfall and humidity vary widely. There are effectively 4 zones about which generalizations can be made.

The area around the Lake Victoria is generally hot and fairly humid with rainfall spread throughout the year. The greatest precipitation with 200mm is usually during the month of April while the lowest are in January. Temperatures range from 18 C to 34 C.

The highlands around Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro and the Rift Valley enjoy perhaps the most agreeable in the country though there is quite a variation between the hot and relatively dry floor of the central Rift Valley and the snow capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. The rainfall varies from 20 mm in July to 200mm in April and falls essentially into 2 seasons (March – May, long rains and October – December, short rains). Temperatures vary from a min of 10 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius.

In the vast semi arid bush lands and deserts of northern and eastern Kenya and eastern and southern Tanzania the most extreme variations in Temperature are found ranging from 40C during the day to 18 C at night. Rainfall is sparse and when it falls it often comes in the form of violent storms. July is generally the driest month while November is the wettest.

The costal belt, the fourth climatic zone is hot and humid all year round though tempered by coastal sea breezes. Average temperatures vary little throughout the year ranging from a min of 24C to 30C.